Support in Establishing a Private Higher Education Institution in Poland

In the Polish sector of higher education and research, creating a new private institution is an exciting challenge that requires a strategic approach and specialized legal-organizational competencies. Our consulting service in establishing private higher education institutions offers comprehensive solutions for those dreaming of founding a new college or university.

Experts from the IRSW are ready to assist in developing applications for registration in the private institutions registry and acquiring a  permission to establish degree programs. Leveraging our team’s experience and knowledge of the latest guidelines and legal regulations, we guide clients through the entire process and all formalities. We eliminate potential difficulties, accelerating the acquisition of necessary permits.

Support in preparing a development strategy for the institution is a crucial component of our service. Together with the initiators of the institution’s creation, we analyze goals, identify target education areas, and design a cohesive development strategy that considers both market requirements and the founder’s aspirations.

How do we work?

The Institute is distinguished by an organized and proven methodology, aimed at effectively and safely managing the process of creating a new private institution. Our team of specialists operates according to a precisely defined plan, eliminating the risk of procedural errors and ensuring process stability. We listen carefully and tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of each initiative, while adhering to the rigors of laws governing higher education and research.

Our methodology divides the work into four key stages:

  • Development of the institution’s strategy and its constitutional-organizational foundations
    We focus on the thorough understanding the project’s goals and values. Together with the founder’s team, we develop the institution’s development strategy, considering its unique features and development objectives – especially during the critical initial 3 years of the new institution’s operation. Simultaneously, we create solid constitutional-organizational foundations, which will meet legal requirements and are essential for developing the institution’s charter.
  • Preparation of the application for entry into the private institutions registry In the second stage, we concentrate on preparing a complete application for registration in the registry of private institutions
    The Institute’s legal team takes responsibility for ensuring the formal and legal correctness of the application and advises on meeting legal and quality requirements, including those related to infrastructure and general institutional operations. During this phase, designated experts work closely with the founder to draft necessary descriptions and attachments for the application.
  • Preparation of the application for permission to establish a first-degree practical profile study program
    The third stage focuses on preparing an application for permission to establish a specific first-degree study program with a practical profile. As in the second stage, IRSW experts are responsible for ensuring appropriate work methodology over the development of individual application elements and maintaining its formal and legal correctness. They provide ongoing advice on developing the correct study program and accompanying documentation and clarify any doubts in this regard.
  • Development of a complete set of key legal regulations for the new institution
    The final stage is focused on comprehensive development of necessary legal regulations, including: the Charter, Organizational Rules, Study Regulations, Student Services Regulations, Directive on conditions and fees for services, Distance Education Regulations, Vocational Students’ Internships Regulations, Graduation Process Regulations, Employment Regulations, Remuneration Regulations, and Copyright Management Regulations. The legal team of experts from the Institute drafts legislative projects of regulations, meeting established needs, vision, and organizational model of the institution, defined by its founder.

What results can be expected from our cooperation?

  • The creation of a private institution proceeds methodically, in a  planned and thus effective manner.
  • The strategy for the new institution prepared by IRSW, covering a 3-5 year period, meets the requirements to justify the application for registration in the private institutions registry and enables its later effective implementation.
  • The application for entry into the registry of private institutions is completely and correctly prepared in terms of formal and legal aspects.
  • The application for permission to establish a first-degree study program with a practical profile is completely and correctly prepared in terms of formal and legal aspects.
  • The study team and future institution’s faculty develop competencies enabling them to independently create correct applications for establishing additional study programs, in accordance with prevailing standards and legal regulations.
  • Legal acts and institutional documents are prepared by IRSW in a complete and correct manner in terms of formal and legal aspects.

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